Bringing the Farm to Yo'U'

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About U-Farm

Our Vision

Our core vision is to bring joy of food and farming, back to the urban population.

We are a young team of engineers, designers and horticulturists, set out to create a sustainable urban food system and provide fresh, pesticide free food to the urban population. We are here to connect urbanites back to their food and nature.

The 'U' in U-Farm Stands for

- Bringing Ubuntu in Farming

- Bringing Farming to Urban areas

-  Connecting people to food and farming ; Yo'U' Farm

We make Urban Farming simple!

100% Fresh, 100% Pesticide-Free

Growing within the city, we minimize the farm to fork time and distance. This enables the vegetables to retain its natural flavour.

Technology & Service designed for reliability and ease

Our Vertical Farms, equipped with Hydroponics, IoT and AI, are designed to provide the best produce with minimal effort. Making urban farming simple and reliable!

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Join the Urban Farming Revolution

Our Vertical Farms and Service is ideal for Luxury Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Schools, Residential complexes and Townships!




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